My Story Part 5- GodSmacked

There was simply no denying what I had seen.

This was purely supernatural. There is no science in the world (although I’m sure they would try) that could explain how someone can be choked by thin air, loose their vision on a dime, fluently speak languages they do not know, make strange rumbling sounds, have multiple voices coming out of their mouths at one time or speak in a voice that I’m quite certain could not be impersonated by any human.

There have been tales like these all over the world since the dawn of time. Mankind has recorded encounters with evil spirits throughout its history. The most relevant (and possibly the earliest) recordings of human interactions with demons can be found in the Bible. In those times, everyone believed in the presence of demons and the demon possessed in the world. To them monsters were a reality.

The modern world dismisses these frightful stories as works of fiction and “old wives tales”. Atheist Hollywood makes movies about demons, ghosts, and ghouls for our entertainment. But what they don’t realize is that the horrors that they depict on the silver screen actually occur in real life. And they occur very frequently.

There are also those people (most often found in the Christian community) who do in fact believe in the presence of evil spirits in the modern world. Usually they are very misguided in their belief.

Most (not all) of your 2018 church going Christians would say that they believe in demons and devils if you asked them. They likely also believe that demonic activity in modern times is limited to third world countries and the backwater less savory parts of the Earth.

They most likely would never fathom that the spiritual forces of darkness could show up in their peaceful American neighborhoods.

They might also go on to tell you that they as Christians are completely impervious to demonic attacks and influence. And this could not be further from the truth.

We will discuss this in great detail later, but let me give you some food for thought before we head back to the horrors of that January night.

Jane was a Christian. And she had been long before any of these incidents occurred.

The next day, after Jane had left, I fired up my laptop and began mad search on demons and how to get rid of them. With a simple google inquiry, I was met with hundreds of thousands (if not millions) of stories involving human encounters with demonic forces.

I was shocked at the glaring similarities between these stories and what I had witnessed last night.

Upon searching for remedies to end a spiritual presence, I found some pages that prescribed burning sage in your house or reciting some chant in the rooms that activity has occurred. I even found one that suggested poring salt on the threshold of your door (sounds legit right?)

However, I already that knew that these things were all superstitions and would have zero effect on the evil that had visited us the night before.

And I also already knew what would in fact send the demons packing. Or rather who.

I grew up in a Christian household and regularly attended church as a child. In my teenage years, after my family fell apart, I turned my back on this teaching in favor of pursuing my own ambitions.

For over ten years, I lived apart from God.

On occasion, when I would get myself in a fine mess, I would pray and ask God for His help. After the problems were solved, I would resume my Godless lifestyle and forget about the one who had helped me get back on my feet.

Basically God was my emergency contact. I did believe in Him, but I certainly did not live for Him and I was uninterested in keeping his commands.

The January incident with Jane was like a bucket of ice water in my face.

The voice of the Monster in my bedroom made everything real for me in an instant. And it was scary real!

I knew I had to make things right with God, but more importantly, I wanted to. Throughout those ten  years, I had always felt a tug to return to God. The desire was there, but it was a faint glow in a dark heart.

Now that ember of desire had been soaked in gasoline. A common side effect of being Godsmacked I’m told.

So I marched straight into the throne room of God Himself.

I just poured my heart out to Him. What I thought was going to be a short little “I’m sorry” prayer went on for hours. We talked about everything. As He brought sins to my mind, I confessed them. I then re-committed my life to God. I asked Jesus to be the only authority in my life. I asked God to take control.

Afterword’s the Lord said to me “Apology accepted. Now lets get to work!” I can’t tell you exactly how he said it. If God has ever spoken to you, then you know what its like. If He hasn’t, ask him too! It’s really awesome!

I felt different instantly.

While I had been restored by Jesus, I still had several lifestyle choices to change. I had a clean slate, but plenty of garbage to clean up.

I knew I had to help Jane. I couldn’t witness someone being tormented by a demonic force and not do anything about it.

Now with a restored position in Christ and spiritually “loaded for bear” I was ready to go another round with the “black thing from the dreams”.

And in just a few short weeks, I would get my chance.

based on true events


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