Saving Jane Part 2- A Haunting in Indiana

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “haunted house”? Perhaps your mind wanders to late October when the leaves change colors and the nights become chilly. Shops and lawns all around your hometown become littered with plastic ghosts, carved pumpkins, and all sorts of spooky decorations.

Every town seems to have a designated building (mine uses the fairgrounds and its completely lame) that each autumn, they transform into a “haunted house” for you and your friends to explore. It’s fun to pretend, but in reality the only thing that haunts those overpriced attractions is make-up, costumes, and cheap scares.

I’m sure there’s a few of you reading this that upon hearing the word “haunted” have something quite different come to mind. For you plastic candy pails and people jumping out covered with bed sheets shouting “boo!” is silly and childish.

That is because you’ve seen the real thing.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that while I was in high school, two friends and I went on a quest exploring nearly every allegedly haunted place in Indiana. We were determined to capture proof of the paranormal on video. After countless late school nights tromping through cemeteries, abandoned buildings and churches, we found nothing.

So right up until my experiences with Jane, I did not believe in actual haunted places. My family members definitely had some bizarre experiences in various homes we lived in over the years, but I myself never saw anything.

Early this year, just a few weeks after hearing a demonic voice boom from Jane’s mouth, I got to experience an actual haunting. 2018 has definitely not been boring.

Our story begins in early February. It’s night-time and I’m making my way across a ice covered sidewalk in a West Lafayette suburb.

Jane had invited me over to her house for dinner. She lived with two roommates, but they were both out of town that week. I had seen Jane a few times after our prayer battle with the monsters from her dreams, but we had not spoken much about that incident.

Upon crossing the threshold to Jane’s home, I instantly sensed something was very very wrong.

My heart rate began to increase. As Jane greeted me, her voice sounded distant even though we were only feet apart. The air was ringing with a high pitched sound that banged around in my skull.

There are people that claim they can sense the presence of spirits in this world. Others say that certain animals have a built in ghost detector. I had never felt the disembodied presence of a demon before in my life. And now it was hitting me like a freight train. Something in this house was screaming at the top of its lungs.

As I made my way to the kitchen, my legs began to feel like cinder blocks. Having witnessed Jane’s attacks and now being a firm believer in evil spirits, I strongly suspected that the plethora of unexplained feelings currently assaulting my body must be what some refer to as demonic oppression. This house was absolutely infested with evil.

I put on a good face and gladly accepted Jane’s offer to sit at the kitchen table and I sloppily chugged down the glass of water that she brought me (my mouth and throat became super dry all of a sudden). I made small talk with her attempting to hide what I was feeling. After a bit, I asked Jane if she would mind if I looked around the house while she finished with dinner.

I headed right to the source of this haunting. Jane’s bedroom. This was the room where months ago, Jane had been tormented in her sleep. I stood at the end of her bed in the exact place that the horrors from her dreams often manifested themselves and smiled down upon her.

The oppression became overwhelming in Jane’s room. You know those low level vibrations that you hear from a passing car that has its bass turned way to far up? A similar sound vibrated about Jane’s room.

It was becoming louder and louder.

I could actually feel the emotion of the monsters that were present, bouncing about the room. I can only described that feeling as absolute hatred. This was their turf and they were making it clear to me that I was trespassing.

So I began to pray. Right there at the heart of the haunting. That bass sound and the ever present rigging in my ears became extremely loud during this moment. And then all at once it stopped. All the symptoms of oppression suddenly vanished.

I was skeptical though. I quickly made my way back into the kitchen. Jane was busy mixing batter for muffins she was making.

Me: “Hey Jane, I don’t mean to alarm you, but there’s a evil presence in your house.”

How would this not alarm someone? I’m often lacking in the tact department in tense situations.

Jane: (instantly irritated that I was bringing this up again) “What are you talking about?”

Me: “I was in your room just now and something felt really off.”

Jane: “Off how?”

Me: (completely ignoring her question) “Do you have a Bible?”

Jane: “Yes, its in my nightstand, why?”

Me: “Can I read you something while you cook?”

Jane: “If you must…”

I quickly fetched the Bible and began reading out loud in Matthew about the early teachings of Jesus. It didn’t take long to get a response from the creatures that hid in the dark parts of the home.

The ringing and the bass sound returned. Not as loud this time, but present.

Jane: “I can feel it now…” She slumped down at the table and began to clutch her chest.

Me: “Jane, we need to pray.”

Jane began to breath hard again. Her head fell as she lost consciousness. I quickly scooted my chair over to her and propped her head up my hands. I began praying out loud for Jesus to free Jane from the spirits in her home. Her body began to rumble as it had before. Her eyes opened.

Jane: “Their talking to me…”

Me: “Jane, rebuke them in the name of Jesus!”

Jane: “Leviticus…”

Me: “What? Jane, rebuke them! You know what to say!”

Jane: “Ananias…You’re not holier than thou!”

I assumed at this point it was the demons speaking and not Jane. I commanded the evil spirits to leave in the name of Jesus.

And it didn’t work this time.

The attack continued. Jane’s body began to convulse and I struggled to hold her in place. I tried several more times commanding the demons to leave in the name of Jesus.

Still nothing. This was a tough crowd.

So I began to pray out loud again. I asked God for assistance in making these stubborn demons leave. Afterword’s, I tried one final time rebuking the spirits in the name of Jesus. And I added “don’t ever come back” on the end of that.

The attack ended.

Jane woke and with wide eyes she said “Were not done!”

She repeated this three more times.

When I asked her what she meant, she told me that the demon had hissed this in her ear right before fleeing.

I felt deeply discouraged as I drove home that evening. I had been under the impression that commanding demons to leave in the name of Jesus worked every time.

It really hadn’t worked at all in this case.

The haunting in Jane’s house was severe and the spirits present there were very powerful. While Jane and I had success in rebuking the six robed demons in my bedroom weeks before, these ones made us really fight for it.

While the monsters had ran off into the night, the promise that they made us replayed itself over and over in my head.

We’re not done.”

My heart broke for Jane. She was such a kind girl. She was a devoted friend and enthusiastic about her future. And these evil spirits were determined to snuff out her light. My empathy began to transform into anger.

I knew I needed to call in reinforcements to assist Jane. This situation needed to end right now.

Were not done.”

based on true events

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