Saving Jane Part 4- Freedom

The stage had been set in the battle for Jane’s soul. Those hideous evil monsters that had previously roamed about freely and unchallenged in Jane’s body and mind were about to be served a spiritual eviction notice.

I informed Jane that my brother and sister in law would like to meet her and pray with her if she would let them. She felt kind of weird about it (as anyone probably would), but eventually agreed. Jane had been making bits of progress over the past few weeks and was becoming more and more open to hearing about Jesus (as long as it was during the safety of daylight).

As soon as Jane knew the day and time that this proposed prayer session was set to go down, so did those grinning devils.

And they also sent for reinforcements.

In the days before my brother and his wife would come to West Lafayette to help Jane find her spiritual freedom, hordes of demons descended on them. They both began to suffer horrific nightmares involving the very same beings that Jane had encountered months previously.

My brother had a particular dream that was especially haunting…

In his dream, my brother, his wife were sitting at a kitchen table talking to a young lady with long blonde hair.

An elderly woman donned in a pink bathrobe and limping on a cane approached them from the blackness.

(At this point the dream kind of went into auto pilot)

My brother heard his voice asking the woman if she went to church. She said that she would like to go very much. And then my brother said the name “Jesus”.

The elderly woman’s eyes flashed wickedly and then flooded with black liquid. Her nails split and sprouted into iron claws.

Don’t you ever ever ever say that name to me again!” she screamed.

The next part of the dream involved my brother running down a hallway while the monstrous woman tore after him screaming obscenities and grotesque threats that she would carry out upon him if he were to ever mention the name of Jesus again.

The devil woman’s head thrashed back and forth and she bounded, her frail bones snapping. The monster pounced catching my brother by the ankle. Still screaming, still hissing. My brother was amazed by her incredible strength. He wrestled with this creature for a moment, and then she vanished as quickly as she had appeared.

That was the first of many demonic dreams that he would experience that week. My sister in law also had dreams involving robed smiling creatures sitting on a wall laughing down upon her. At first all they did was laugh. As it drew closer to the day that she would meet Jane, the dreams became extremely evil. Those laughing creature’s now screamed death threats to my sister in law if she were to speak to anyone about Jesus. She attempted telling them to leave in the name of Jesus, but the creatures would not listen. She also saw a girl with long blonde hair and black cracked eyes.

Fun fact-Jane has long blonde hair. Coincidence? Probably not.

I (finally) had one myself. I was actually quite shocked that it took this long. In my whole time dealing with demons and people with demons I have had only had two dreams that I can say for sure were demonic (I probably should find some wood to knock on right now).

The night before my brother and sister in law were set to meet Jane, I heard that voice again.

I dreamed of Jane. It was summertime and we were outdoors. Everything seemed normal in the dream except that Jane kept saying “Your never going to get rid of me, don’t even try!” over and over. This played out for a while and then the dream shifted.

All I could see now was Jane’s face. Her eyes suddenly clouded black. She began repeating that phrase over and over.

Your never going to get rid of me, don’t even try!”

And then that same voice that had boomed out of Jane’s unconscious body all those months ago began to speak. It just kept repeating that same phrase.

I awoke in a cold sweat. I resorted to my “need to feel tough when I’m terrified” persona and yelled:

Thanks, but I think I will!” I was shouting at my bedroom wall, but somehow that made me feel better.

Our dreams served as a clear warning, but I was determined. My brother and his wife began to feel a strong sense of oppression in their house as well.

That’s just a little window into all the spiritual attacks that occurred during that week. There were several more. The monsters were going down swinging.

Finally that night came. When my siblings arrived, I introduced them to Jane and then we hit up Applebees. We purposely didn’t jump right into addressing the spiritual issue at hand. It was important that Jane got to know my siblings at least a little bit before that.

After dinner, we headed Jane’s oppressed and demonically infested home. We were taking the fight right to the abode of the smiling monsters.

Interestingly enough, I didn’t feel any oppression upon re-entering that home. I searched the faces of my siblings to try to tell if they felt anything. They also seemed fine. I even took them in Jane’s room where most of the activity had occurred. They felt nothing.

Little did we know that as Jane proudly showed us her tank of exotic fish, countless pairs of red eyes glared out at us from between the slats of Jane’s closet doors. They were hiding, watching, and waiting.

Eventually my brother broke the ice by asking Jane if she ever had any scary experiences in that house. He also told her that he had many a demonic dream so he understood that particular aspect of what she was dealing with. Jane was hesitant at first, but then invited us to sit at her kitchen table.

As we sat down my brother instantly recalled the dream he had about the blonde haired girl at the kitchen table. He may have glanced over his shoulder half expecting to see a demonic little grandma rushing us.

Much to my surprise, Jane completely opened up. She began telling us about her nightmares, the smiling robed figures, and the black devil with the crown that had introduced itself to me. She wanted them to leave her alone. She wanted to be free.

So we (mainly my brother) began to tell her how to achieve that freedom. It all revolved around a man named Jesus. When asked if she knew who Jesus was, Jane said:

I know who my mother says he is…”

So we began to tell her about Him. Instead of getting upset or afraid upon hearing His name, Jane listened intently. She was eager to learn how to be rid of those monsters.

Speaking of the devils (literately) they crawled from the closet and surrounded us as we witnessed to Jane. They stood there silent for a while, convulsing with rage.

It was when my brother offered to lead Jane through a prayer to re-commit her life to Christ that the demons decided they had enough of us. So they attacked.

Jane suddenly clutched her throat and began to gasp for air. My brother and his wife looked a bit surprised as this would be their first time witnessing a full on demonic attack on a human. I quickly informed them that this was a spiritual attack and I scooted over the Jane and held her, trying to steady her.

My siblings wasted no time and began counter attacking the evil spirits by praying out loud. Jane lost conciseness and slummed over in my arms. Her body began to vibrate and rumble.

The “black thing from the dreams” began a vicious assault for control of Jane’s body. It wanted to speak to my sibling and I in its slimy booming voice to presumably deliver a string of profanity laced threats that it and its minions would carry out against us if we continued to talk to Jane about Jesus.

It never got that opportunity though. After my brother finished his prayer, he placed his hand on Jane’s and said in a loud voice “In the Holy name of Jesus, I command all evil spirits to leave!”

Jane immediately woke up. “Their gone. Their all gone…” she said with wide eyes.

And all at once peace fell upon that household. The oppression that had smothered that home for so long, vaporized in an instant.


In the days that followed, Jane privately re-committed her life to God. She asked Jesus to become the only authority in her life. She began to pray regularly (and without interference). Her life rapidly flipped a U-turn and she is currently enjoying her new found freedom and her walk with Jesus.

I moved home to Warsaw later in the spring and Jane stayed in West Lafayette to finish school.

I wish I could tell you that Jane never saw those monsters again.

While Jane is now an avid Christ-Follower and free from constant oppression, the demons are always close by, watching, staring and smiling (I honestly don’t know what is with that stupid grin of theirs). They would like nothing more than to drag her away from her Father and back with them.

Jane now has authority over the Devil and all his angels. When they attack her (mostly just mind games now as they have lost their grip on her soul) she meets them with the name of Jesus and a strong position in Christ.

Jesus wins every time when fighting the Devil and his demons.

I received one of the most touching gifts in my life a few weeks ago. It was a Bible from Jane! And it came complete with highlighted verses that she had found meaningful and wanted to share with me!

It seriously melted my heart. We have both come so far since that September night that the black dream monster first appeared. And the journey is just beginning!

So that officially ends my story and Jane’s story (for now).

As I continue to have encounters with demons and devils, I will share those experiences on this blog. Next up, I will be writing more in depth about spiritual oppression, how to recognize it, and most importantly, how to resolve it. I will try to write at least once a week.

Thanks for reading this far. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!

Stay tuned. Much more to come!


Based on true events

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