Destroying Your Tower Part 2- Know Your Enemies

Let’s begin today by taking a journey back to the dark interior of our ever expanding mental skyscraper. The room that we find ourselves in is empty. No furniture, no decorations and no drywall. Just walls of cold exposed brick. It’s very dark in here. The construction workers who are building this place, like it that way. They do their best work in darkness.

Every brick they have laid tells a story. Black clay, cruelly bearing bright red lettering, that screams constant reminders of dark times in our lives.

These bricks vary in their messages. Some have complete memories harshly painted on them. Full accounts of times we have failed, times we haven’t been there when someone needed us.

Times that we’ve hurt someone.

Other blocks simply bear short phrases:

“Not good enough” “Undeserving” “Worthless” “Failure” “Looser” “Not smart enough” “Unloved”

These shortly worded bricks are placed carefully and thoughtfully by the builders around each of our dismal memories. They flash fiercely, like an ambulance siren, as we approach them. Blaring red blinding lights. We close our eyes, attempting to shield ourselves from their harsh blaze. They fiercely penetrate our eyelids and assault our minds, swirling around like snowflakes in blizzard.

We can’t even read the words anymore, we only feel them. Each accusation digs its claws into our mind, screaming at the top of its lungs. There’s no way out of the tower, and we can’t make the thoughts stop. We shrink into a corner, smothered in the red light, and cover our heads.

This is a typical night for those suffering with depression or anxiety. I know because this was me for ten years.

In our last discussion, I proposed to you the theory of a third party who may be actively involved in our struggles with mental illness. Today we are going to take a more detailed look at that persistent constriction team who is constantly building additions to this mental tower of horrors.

So who are these chaps anyway?

Well the story goes like this : A long long time ago, there was turmoil in the paradise realm of Heaven. A young arc angel led a rebellion against the King of the universe in a daring attempt to unseat him and seize the throne for himself. Backed by an army of countless angels, the rebellion and its leader stormed the palace of God Himself with swords drawn.

The revolution ended there.

As punishment for their crimes, all angels who were involved in this short lived purge, were cast from paradise to the cradle of humanity.; the newly created planet Earth, only christened as “good” by its maker a short time before.

The aimless spirits wandered the empty world in despair at their eternal separation from their creator and paradise. Eventually their sadness turned to anger and rage. All of their feelings of rejection, despair, hatred, that burned inside them compiled into one desire. Something that refueled them with a new purpose in their existence.


Well it just so happens that the same King who banished the devious spirits out of his presence had placed one of his most treasured creations on the same planet that the outcast angels now called home.

This was mankind. An intelligent species, blameless and pure, hand crafted in the very image of the King Himself.

The leader of the failed revolution, laughed wickedly to himself as he watched God’s prize innocently play in the stream and green fields of the planet. He knew deep down in his wicked heart that if he could corrupt mankind, as he had corrupted a sizable portion of the Kings angels, those happy little organic lifeforms would be cast from the presence of God and be cursed to the same fate that he now suffered. Manifesting himself as a snake, he slid through the cool soil into the garden of the Lord.

Revenge. Yes, he would have his revenge.

And he knew that nothing he could do would hurt God more.

I’m sure you’ve heard the rest of this story. Naked people. Magic fruit. Talking snake. It all sounds like something you would find among the pages of a fairy tale book.

The difference between the Genesis story of the fall of man and Goldilocks and the Three Bears is that this tale is actually true.

How do we know this though? It certainly doesn’t sound believable.

Well, if you genuinely believe that we evolved from apes (or some other life form) than any account of a creator may not sound believable to you. However, if you do believe in an intelligent creator, then this story actually makes a ton of sense. Let’s break it down a little bit and then see what we think.

  1. God creates the Heavens and the Earth along with everything in them
  2. In paradise, the heart of an angel named Lucifer fills with jealousy toward to the Creator. He decides that he would make a better god.
  3. Lucifer begins whispering lies to other angels about God. He makes promises of a better Heaven with himself on the throne. He plays off any existing frustrations the listening angels may have had.
  4. Lucifer successfully convinces a third of the angels to join him in his quest for the crown.
  5. Grossly underestimating the power of the King, the rebellious angels are tossed to earth where they will be eternally separated from God.
  6. Knowing in their hearts that they doomed themselves for all of eternity, they seek to find ways to hurt the God who cast them out.
  7. They attack and corrupt the apple of God’s eye. You and me.
  8. By leading mankind astray, these monsters strive to ensure that God and his precious children are never united, but instead that the child will suffer eternal separation from their Father.

Pretty sadistic revenge scheme right? But, if we accept the creation theory as fact then it does make sense doesn’t it? Demons and Devils have already received the first judgment. They made their choice thousands of years before you and I were born. Because of their actions millenniums ago, they have lost their connection with their creator and God.

And there’s no going back on that.

So they were left bitter and hopeless. Since they failed to hurt God directly, they now spend their days dragging as many of his precious children down into the pit with them as they can.

You and I are those children. Thus WE are the only vessel that the forces of darkness can use to inflict pain upon God.

So in a nutshell, the same monsters that are working so feverishly at building that skyscraper of despair within our hearts, are the rebellious angels from the dawn of time.

We call them demons or devils or simply evil spirits. They have been the sworn enemy of mankind since day one.

So what your telling me is that fallen angels, from the time of creation until now, have been trying to lead people astray. Supposing this is true, wouldn’t their thirst for vengeance have been satisfied by now? Don’t they have anything better to do?

No and no.

Angels and demons are immortal creatures (actually, if you want to be technical, they are the same creature). They are not bound by days and years like mankind. To them, they are still as engaged in the war against God as they were the day they marched into His throne room. They will not cease their assaults on His children until this world has passed away.

Picture in your head someone that you love. Now think of a time that they have been mistreated or hurt by someone else. How does that make you feel? Probably not the greatest.

If your anything like me, you consider an attack on someone you love as an attack on you personally.

You get hurt because someone you love got hurt.

And that has been the attack strategy of the Devil since the beginning. While he certainly enjoys watching you being led down the pathway of destruction that ends at the gates of Hell, he receives the most satisfaction by knowing that your damnation will cause your Heavenly Father great pain.

Remember, you are the only way that the Devil can get to God.

So what your trying to tell me is that I’m some pawn in a celestial chess game between the forces of good and evil?

Not exactly, but I love that! Time for another metaphor!

The pawn is the weakest piece on the chess board. While it can be used strategically, the pawn can only hop one space per turn and usually falls prey to a larger, more ominous piece.

However, something special happens to the pawn if it successfully navigates its way around the larger and more dangerous pieces to the opposite side of the board where the King resides.

The pawn becomes a bishop. No longer helpless, the pawn can now return to the battlefield and hold its own against the larger pieces that once terrorized it.

Now we have recognized and identified the third party forces that work actively against us in our battles with mental illness daily. Two essential steps in tearing down the walls of our mental tower prison once and for all.

Here’s a quote that I found appropriate to end with:

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat. If you know neither the enemy nor yourself, you will succumb in every battle.”

-The Art of War

I hope I’ve given you a better understanding of the monsters that may lurk about our minds. Next time we will embark on a final reconnaissance mission before we call up that wrecking ball operator and see about taking this tower down once and for all.

PS- I’ve really enjoyed the feedback I’ve received on this series so far! Thank you so much for your questions, thoughts, and encouragement. Also, thank you to those who have corrected my atrocious grammar :). If your new to my blog, I would suggest starting from the beginning and reading up. My first series is “My Story” followed by “Saving Jane”. We are currently in “Destroying your Tower” (this series). Feel free to contact me via this blog anytime!

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