Destroying Your Tower Part 3- The Final Reconnaissance

An essential step in preparing for our demolition run on that ever growing skyscraper, is understanding the cruel weapons in our enemies arsenal. In our last two discussions, we identified who our enemy is, where they come from, and what motivates them.

Today, we will embark on a final reconnaissance mission to that dark tower. Our target is the armory. We must familiarize ourselves with the tools that will be wielded against us in battle. Let’s take a peek inside.

Upon our arrival into the monsters weapon room, we are very puzzled at what we discover. The room is huge! Metal shelving, gun cases, missile pods, weapon racks and safes are lined neatly from one end of the room to the other. An impressive display of power to say the least.

Except it isn’t. Much to our shock, we discover that all of the fixtures that obviously once held cruel and powerful weapons of war, are empty! Our flashlight beams dance around the concrete walls and racks in search of any sign of arms. We find nothing.

After discussing whether or not we have the right room, we turn to leave. Something catches your eye! Hanging by the doorway on a lonely hook, is a single bow, complete with a quiver containing three arrows.

We stand under this very dated piece of weaponry looking up at it skeptically. Is this really all the monsters have to fight us with? Maybe these fellows aren’t as tough as we thought.

We decided to examine the bow, just for the sake of being thorough. After removing it from its hook, we are shocked to find that its extremely heavy. We drop it! The clanging of the metal quiver hitting concrete echoes around the room. Luckily, the monster construction team is fifty floors up from us and are busy building the tower and making all sorts of noise. We probably shouldn’t pursue a career in espionage in the future.

The bow looks downright sinister. Its crimson steel, with a black string, and short blades sprout from each end. The arrows have shiny black metal shafts, and their heads are carved out of precious stone. The first arrow we remove bears an inscription on it.

It says in bold lettering, “MIND GAMES”.

Now that we have put a face, name, and motive to our nemesis, we need to know what their actually capable of before we go to war with them.

While I do not know (no one does) the full extent of the abilities of evil spirits, I can share from experience some things that I have seen them do to others, or things that they have done to me, in order to give you a better understanding about what we are up against.

The first and possibly the most widely used attack strategy of the forces of darkness is mind games.

While they have many different approaches (thousands of years dealing of experience dealing with humans), I would suspect that they usually begin between the ears.

It’s no secret that there is an mental health epidemic in our society today. I’m sure you know of people who struggle with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bi-polar disorder, etc. Or perhaps you yourself suffer one of these illnesses.

We have previously theorized that the seeds that grow into a mental disorder must be planted by the person themselves. Remember our analogy of the rich person who laid the foundation for a new skyscraper? The foundation represents the events that cause a person to begin to feel anxious or depressed. Something happens in their like that damages them emotionally. This could be a traumatic experience, the loss of a loved one, divorce, change of any kind, etc. The list is really endless.

If we allow negative emotions to fester within us, then over time they pool into a mold and harden inside our minds, creating a foundation that can now be built upon.

Demons cannot simply manufacture mental illness and install it onto your brain like a computer program. In order for them to begin constructing their towers of lies and deceit, you must already have some sort of unresolved negativity brewing inside you. Essentially you begin the work, and they pick up where you left off.

Mental illness and demonic influence are two different things. However, they often go hand in hand. Think of it mechanically: An engine, without a transmission, will run and idle just fine on its own. The engine’s RPMs will stay relativity low and it will be rendered immobile.

Toss in a transmission, and you have now given the engine the ability to cruise at high speeds. And those RPMs will skyrocket!

Now reverse that. A transmission with no engine to power it, will not work at all.

In this analogy, the engine represents mental illness. Without demonic influence, mental illness can carry on just fine. Every now and then, life will step on the gas pedal and rev up those RPMs, but often things will settle back down to idling levels.

The transmission represents the demon(s). They have the unique ability to make your existing depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness or emotional disorder, blast through the roof. However, a transmission without a engine will not run at all. In the same way, it’s difficult for a demon to simply barge into your life and begin building up a tower of lies and fears if they have no foundation to work with. (Combining two metaphors in one paragraph! Nice!)

Okay, so how exactly do they do this?

While I do not believe that angels or demons can read your exact thoughts (In fact there’s scripture to suggest otherwise, 1 Corinthians 2:11) they can however observe you. They get to know you and all of your struggles, insecurities, doubts, and fears, and then they can develop an attack strategy that is tailored just for you.

If you suffer from anxiety, you may struggle with thoughts that come out of seemingly nowhere and assault your mind with a sandstorm of possible negative outcomes to a current dilemma.

While the base thoughts most likely come from you, a demon can hop on board that emotional roller coaster and escalate the situation by assaulting your mind with literately thousands of thoughts involving fresh disasters (they are nothing if not creative) that you hadn’t even fathomed. Thus your anxiety becomes much worse.

Depression can also be agitated in a similar fashion. If you’re having an episode of depressive, saddening thoughts, a demon can pile on to that by reminding you of hard times long forgotten or of friends that are no longer around or whatever it takes to beat you down.

In any case of mental illness, demons have the ability and the intelligence to turn up the juice and send an existing condition into overdrive.

I struggled with depression (and spurts of anxiety) for ten years in my life so I can positively confirm that this attack strategy was used on me relentlessly. If a demon can get inside your head, the possibilities to destroy you are endless.

We carefully photograph the first cruel arrow and place it aside. We draw out a second arrow. This one is green and emits a sweet aroma. The head is carved out of a large single diamond. On the smooth hilt reads the word: “DECEPTION”.

Obviously the monsters are liars. We probably didn’t need to go on this elaborate heist to uncover just that. Nevertheless, understanding the cleverness and depth to their lies will help us overcome them.

As stated above, I do not believe that spirits can hear or read your exact thoughts. They can however place their own thoughts into your head and pass them off as your own.

This mental “wolf in sheep’s clothing” tactic is a signature move of the Devil. Most Christians will accept that temptations do not come from God, but Satan (through his demonic angels). If we accept this premise then we must also accept that spirits (both good and evil) have a way of placing ideas into our heads. How else would they tempt us?

Spirits can also project emotions onto us. Have you ever been in your room alone at night and suddenly felt very afraid for no reason? What about the times that you feel uneasy and on edge while safe in your home? Don’t write those unexplained emotional spikes off as paranoia. There may be something lurking in your closet after all.

In the same way, have you ever experienced sudden peace and tranquility in the midst of a hard time or tragedy? Or perhaps while praying? Remember angels and demons are the exact same creature thus they possess the exact same abilities.

This is not the same with depression, anxiety, or any other mental illness. These conditions are prolonged states of emotional distress that play like a broken record in your brain. While a demon can project strong feelings of sadness, worry, doubt, fear, anger, or any other emotion onto you, it only lasts as long as they stick around.

Mental illness will be present whether the evil spirit is or not. However, it will likely spike when the spirit is with you.

The final arrow in the quiver is covered in a thin layer of dust. It’s clear that this one isn’t used as often as the first two. This one is silver and bears a ruby tip. It reads “ATTACK”. The arrow seems to hum with the sound of thousands of muffled screams as we set it down.

While there is no definite marching order to demonic attacks, I would venture to say that they generally don’t lead with the full on physical attacks. I would assume that they would prefer to stay hidden and destroy you from within, rather that appear at the edge of your bed at night and directly attack you.

Wait, they can’t actually hurt me right?


Demons can inflict all sort of physical injuries upon humans. If you read my earlier posts, you’ll recall that Jane would often wake up with scratches, bruises, burns and bite marks all over her body. She would also get choked and dragged around her bed.

Also, demons have the power to inflict diseases upon humans that fall into their clutches. The book of Job presents this reality clear as day. Take something as simple as a headache for an example; of course you can get a headache from being in the sun too long, or not taking your daily dose of caffeine, or countless other non-spiritual reasons, but headaches can also be the result of a spiritual attack.

Same logic applies with many other physical illnesses. There’s the naturally occurring methods that cause an illness, and then, in some cases, the illness is caused by an evil spirit.

Spiritual illnesses often give themselves away by their abrupt and unexplained appearances. Headaches will come out of nowhere and at full force. Stomach pains will start suddenly and you may feel sick even if you haven’t eaten yet. Muscles will all begin to ache all at once. Often after praying, these mysterious symptoms will vanish as quickly as they appeared.

I’ve also seen victims experience much more severe symptoms, such as a burning or stabbing sensation all over the body. These far more direct and painful attacks usually occur in cases where the demon(s) have revealed themselves to the victim and they no longer care about keeping a low profile.

Another branch of this attack strategy that we will discuss is night terrors. Once demons successfully wiggle their way inside your head, they can cause violent nightmares. The contents of these dreams vary. Remember earlier when we talked about how demons will observe you in an attempt to discover your greatest fears and weaknesses? Often they will manifest those fears and use them to torture you while you sleep.

Night terrors differ greatly from nightmares. Let’s say you have a nightmare about being chased by a bear or a t-Rex (or a bear riding a t-Rex) through a volcano while wearing cement shoes. While that may be quite scary while your dreaming it, normally when you wake up you realize how silly it really was.

Night terrors are no laughing matter. They usually involve clear threats and messages directly from the demon.

In the Bible, there are many stories of people receiving messages and warnings from angels in a dream. Joseph (the earthly father of Jesus) was documented to have had this experience multiple times when Jesus was still an infant.

Remember, demons and angels are the exact same creature. Thus the have the exact same abilities.

To date, I have only experienced three dreams that I can positively identify as demonic. Let me tell you about number three which occurred yesterday.

After work on Saturday, I had been originally been looking forward to spending the afternoon at a friend’s house playing Minecraft and watching the new Avengers movie. During the last hour at work, I began to develop a massive headache. When I arrived home, I decided to take a short nap instead of heading over to my friend’s house.

I had an extremely bizarre dream.

In the dream, I woke up suddenly to some unexplained noise. My dog had laid down on the bed with me before I fell asleep but now she was nowhere to be found. I heard something snarling from the floor besides my bed. Upon leaning over to check it out, I was horrified with what I saw.

A large black mass was swirling around the base of my bed and night stand. From this mass, came a growling sort of noise. I’m very much a lucid dreamer and can usually separate dreams from reality and recognize that I’m dreaming.

I had never dreamed about a black mass before, but I have been researching and talking to people who have plenty of experience with demonic night terrors. I assumed this growling swirling black mass that had shown up in my dream was demonic. So I began to do what I normally do when I encounter a demon in real life. Rebuke the spirit in the name of Jesus.

In the name of…” That was as far as I got. The black mass anticipated what I was about to say. With blinding speed it launched itself from the floor and wrapped itself around my head, like a snake, seizing my tongue. I grabbed it and began to try and wrestle it off my head.

It began to scream at me. While I didn’t hear audible words, I could understand (this is paraphrasing though) what it was saying.

I’ll kill you, I’ll kill (said my girlfriends name) and your filthy little dog!”)

Suddenly, it releases me and I’m aware that my dog is in the room. She is barking and growling at the black mass. It seizes her and begins to toss her through the air. t rips her to pieces right in front of me.

All of a sudden bloody paw prints start appearing all over the walls of my bedroom while the black mass laughs hysterically.

I woke up movements later to my dog licking my face. There was no black mass on the floor (I checked) and everything was calm and quiet like any ordinary Saturday afternoon.

That dream was very much in line with the descriptions of demonic night terrors that other have described to me. I personally had never experienced a dream that violent before. Needless to say, I spent some time in prayer afterword’s.

Demonic night terrors do not exclusively involve direct encounters with the demon. Often they are much more subtle and will include things like your spouse cheating on you or a loved one dying. During night terrors, you may feel the emotions involved with whatever scenario that your dreaming about as if it was actually happening. For an example, if your dream involves a spouse cheating on you or someone hurting you, you may feel real anger and you may even wake up angry at the person involved!

Likewise, victims of night terrors have often told me that they feel the pain of injuries that befall them during the dream. For an example, if you get stabbed during the dream, you may feel the pain in real life as if it had actually happened!

While there are possibly countless additional attack strategies that the monsters use against us, we have now uncovered the basics.

We carefully place the bow and quiver back on the hook and quietly make our exit from the devils armory. We have all the information that we need about our enemies weaponry. We are one step closer to victory.

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