The October Disturbances

The disturbances of October began on a weekday morning. My girlfriend had already left for work and she had let our dog into my room to sleep on my bed, with me, since I did not have to be up for a few more hours.

I awoke sharply to the sound of a pounding. Three brisk knocks in a row. My eyes scanned my room. It appeared the sound had come from my bedroom door. I live in a third-floor apartment, so it was also reasonable to assume that the strange knocking could have come from the residence below me.

After calming down my dog (who was equally alarmed) and making a quick check of the apartment, I concluded that the noise was nothing to worry about. I snuggled back up in bed and drifted back to sleep.

*Three more sharp knocks

They were much louder the second time. My dog sprung up and stood at the edge of my bed, hair raised, and growing deep in her throat, ready to lunge at whatever intruder waited in the darkness of the hallway. I sleepily fumbled for my handgun. I called out to my girlfriend, in case for some odd reason she had decided to come home and pound on my door like a maniac.

It wasn’t her. It wasn’t anybody.

I opened the door and let my dog out. She bounded out into the hallway growling and searching for the source of the noise. I followed her, gun in hand, and performed a second check of my apartment. Nothing had been disturbed, and the door remained locked.

But something definitely had knocked on my door.

I told my girlfriend about the episode later that night over dinner, and she related to me that she hadn’t been sleeping well recently. She told me that she had been struggling with an overwhelming feeling of dread and had experienced a strange dream about a black mass.

The disturbing episodes continued here and there. Things escalated quite a bit towards the middle of the month.

On a night a few weeks back, around 3am, I had a very strange experience in my room. I woke up right around 3am unable to move (This experience was part dream/part not). I lay there paralyzed for a moment. When I was able to move, I rolled over onto my side, only to be met with a utterly horrifying sight.

There was something beside my bed. I could clearly make out a head and shoulders. Its face (which was mere inches from mine) was completely black-like a void. Initially, I was quite startled, but I quickly snapped out of that and began attempting to pray for deliverance.

The bedside phantom vanished and I sat up straight in bed. A second horror awaited me. I could clearly make out four figures standing about my room. They stood perhaps six feet in height. Unlike the first one, this group had no distinguishing features. Their bodies appeared almost as smoke or fog.

A long time ago, during one of my first prayer attempts with Jane, she told me that four figures had entered my room and stretched their hands over her. This may have been the same bunch or perhaps it was a fresh batch of monsters.

If you’ve read my book or my earlier blog posts, you will recall that I have a history of “smarting off” to demons in situations such as theses. I would never recommend this.

So I did just that. I said something like; “You are absolutely pathetic! What, too scared to attack me during the day when I’m awake, so you show up here at night while I’m sleeping like a bunch of cowards?”

At any rate, I was about to resume praying when suddenly I heard my girlfriend screaming in the bedroom across from mine. I jumped off my bed, ran past the monsters and across the hall to her room. She was pressed up against her headboard with a look of terror fixed across her face.

There was something in there with her.

Her covers began to rise up from her bed. Finger sprouted from them, grasping through the darkness at her. I dashed over to the bed and smashed the blankets back down. A menacing laugh boomed from within them.

I woke up from this night terror shortly after that.

The next evening, my girlfriend and I prayed individually over each room of our apartment to prevent any future visitors from bothering us. I actually was super unfamiliar with this practice/process but my girlfriend told me that, as a child, every time she moved, her parents would pray over their new home before moving in.

While these stories may seem frightening on the surface, I always find them very encouraging. Here’s why-

  1. You’re doing something right- I would wager that the Devil and his horde of demonic angels do not show up in the bedrooms of someone they deem to be no threat to them. Theses spiritual visits are meant as a scare tactic to discourage you from continuing whatever good work you may be doing. Also, they are hoping to cast doubt upon God by making it appear that He is not sufficient enough to protect you.
  2. You’re doing something BIG- If the demonic has been dispatched to attempt to stop you in your tracks, then you’re on your way (or you have the potential) to put a serious dent in the kingdom of evil.
  3. You get to see the Power of God in action- It’s always cool to watch the monsters of this world run away like frightened school children. One thing is for certain-they do not want to be anywhere around when Jesus shows up.

Never let these things discourage you. Remember that God is always sufficient, ready, and willing to protect you from all assaults from the enemy. Deliverance is only a prayer away.

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