The Curious Aftermath of Armageddon Part 1- As Common as Air

One of the greatest modern-day victories of the god of this world is the frenzy of confusion that he has thrown followers of Christ into when it comes to himself. The two biggest and most crippling lies that the Devil has fed the Christian church are these-

1: The Devil and demons are no longer active as they once were depicted to be in the Bible. (This is often the “God no longer works miracles” crowd).

2: Christians cannot be influenced, harmed, or controlled by demons due to having the Holy Spirit dwelling within them.

Since many Christians believe one or both of these lies, they either do not understand who their enemies are and what they are capable of (thus they are grossly uneducated and unequipped to deal with dark powers), or they think that they will never have to confront demons because they think that they are walking demon repellent. Both of these falsehoods originate from the father of lies.

I’m writing this two-part series to expose both of these common beliefs as the bold-faced demonic lies that they are. I can tell you of personal experiences where I’ve encountered demonically afflicted Christians, or of things I’ve seen demons do which would elude to the fact that they are indeed very active still to this moment. But instead of taking my word for it, I’m going to share with you some scripture that I believe drives a stake through the heart of these two falsehoods. If you’ve read my second book The Fallacious Maelstrom, you may recognize some of the elements in this series. If not, then I encourage to grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy “The Curious Aftermath of Armageddon”  Part 1.


Situated strategically in the northern hill country of modern-day Israel overlooking the luscious Jezreel Valley lie the remains of an ancient royal city known as Megiddo. Tel (meaning “hill” in Hebrew) Megiddo has been the backdrop for many epic wars over the millenniums of its existence due to the vast acres of flat lands which surround it a.k.a  the perfect arena for large scale hand to hand combat.

If these old city walls could talk, they may tell you tales of swords and kings, of gods and angels, and of the countless ancient and glorious battles of the Promised Land. Although in modern times Megiddo lays destroyed and largely forgotten, its role as being the host of epic wars may not yet be over…


The Ruins of Tel-Megiddo

Now you may be wondering why I’m telling you about the history of a long-forsaken pile of rocks in the middle of nowhere. To explain my reasoning for this, let’s play a little Mad Gabs here. In its ancient days, the city was called simply Megiddo. Later it was referred to as Tel-Megiddo and then as Har-Megiddo (which means mountain of Megiddo).  Throughout the years the Megiddo at the end of Har- Megiddo became Megedon making the name of the city Har-Megedon. If you say that out loud slowly, you may see where this is going… The Greek pronunciation of the word bear the much for familiar sounding title, Armageddon.

Armageddon is commonly referred to as the “Christian doomsdays scenario” due to its involvement and appearance in the book of Revelation and is largely believed to be a last battle between good and evil.  Har-Megedon or Armageddon or Megiddo or whatever you want to call it is not actually an event, but a physical location. You can actually check the whole place out on Google Maps!


The Jezreel Valley as it appears today. This is the believed future location of the final showdown between God and Satan. This is also the location where Gideon defeated the Midianite army at 300 to 135,000 odds and where the notoriously wicked Queen Jezebel met her bloody end.

It’s the whole Frankenstein/Frankenstein’s monster scenario all over again- Victor Frankenstein was in fact not the name of the green stitched-up monster, but of the mad scientist that created him. However, after countless iterations of the good doctor’s creation began to show up in mainstream Halloween decorations, the creature began to be mistakenly referred to as “Frankenstein”.  The apocalyptic events described in the Bible that take place at the ruins of Armageddon would more appropriately be titled- The Battle of Armageddon.

You’ve probably heard the word “Armageddon” tossed around in movies, games, comics, or TV shows or perhaps if you grew up in a Christian setting, you heard it mentioned in church. The secular world isn’t a stranger to entertaining the idea of world ending catastrophes (such as the Y2K scare of 1999 or the “2012 Mayan Calendar Apocalypse”) and generally speaking, the secular world does not take the Biblical Armageddon any more seriously than the latter. Often, those who believe in these proposed world ending scenarios are written off as extremists, conspiracy theorists, or religious whack jobs.

Contrary to popular belief, Armageddon is not the Christians version of the end of the world. It’s actually the largest scale ground offensive that humanity has ever seen. It’s a war of epic proportions, a battle where the very fate of the planet and mankind hangs in jeopardy! The contenders in this mega death match are the armies of the world (under the direct control of the demonic-Revelation 16: 14-16) vs the Armies of Heaven and their Leader- The Rider on the White Horse. Armageddon is not the end of the world, rather it’s the last hurrah of a Godless humanity and the sunset of the Age of Grace*.

Spiritual warfare moves to the physical realm as the Devil and his angels make yet another desperate stand against God. Just like the first time they pulled this stunt, countless centuries ago, much to their displeasure, they find themselves grossly overpowered and are easily defeated. Their human subjects that they sent into the battle are completely decimated and fed to the birds. (Revelation 19:19-21). The catastrophic outcome of their second offensive against the Most High is possibly even more of an embarrassment than the first was.

Afterwards, the Devil and his horde of demonic monsters are taken captive by the Armies of Heaven. They are bound in chains and tossed into the bottomless pit where there is eternal fire, weeping and gnashing of teeth (Revelation 20: 1-3). An angel from the Army of the Lord, seals the pit so that the Devil and his demonic angels will be locked away from deceiving the world for exactly one thousand years.

Have you ever seen a time capsule be put in the ground? Normally there is a ceremony of sort and the capsule is marked with a date and instructions to open it a generation later. Just picture the Devil and all the spiritual rulers of this world in all of their foolish pride and glory being stuffed into a shoe box and buried alive. It’s an amusing thought and it showcases how much power God truly has over them.

The sudden absence of the demonic, ushers in an era of peace that the world has not seen since Genesis, before the fall of man in the Garden of Eden. For a millennium, Christ will reign on Earth, with his people*. God may have locked the gates of Hell thus preventing the Devil’s exit, but curiously enough, He does not throw away the key. Not yet.

After the thousand years draw to a close, the Devil and his horde of terrors will be unleashed into the world one final time. They’ve been cooped up underground, roasting alive for ten centuries all while listening the harmonious sound of the world above that they once ruled, carrying on in perfect peace without them. So, as you can imagine, they come out foaming at the mouth with anger and ready to sink their cruel fangs into mankind, the apple of God’s eye, once more.

The Devil and his demons succeed in deceiving a large portion of humanity into abandoning the things of God and following them, just as they always have done. They likely don’t use any new deceptive tricks, but rather recycle all the destructive lies that they have been feeding mankind since creation. Their tried and true strategies of attack hardly ever seem to fail!

The demonic gathers an army of the deceived humans so incredibly large, they are comparable to grains of sand on a beach! They surround the Holy City of God in a last-ditch effort to unseat the King. This battle doesn’t go as they had hoped however as they receive the warm welcome of fire raining down from Heaven upon their heads.

While I was reading the book of Revelation, I can’t help but wonder why the armies of Hell have not proposed a “vote of no confidence” in their leader. This “battle” marks the third time that Satan has led his followers into a total and utter embarrassment of a defeat. Not to mention all the other times in the Bible and beyond that they have gotten stomped on by Christ and His followers.

Regardless, the Battle of Armageddon, The One-Thousand Year Reign, and the Satan’s Doom all serve as an excellent rebuttal to the “demons are no longer active on Earth crowd”.  How so? Well, to start off I’d like to take a second look at a few key verses that paint us a picture of how broad and powerful the reach of the demonic over humanity really is.

The complete and total removal of the demonic is necessary in order to have a period of perfect peace upon the Earth. After the demonic is let free from their fiery jail cell, they descend on humanity like locusts on a forest, deceiving so many that the numbers of those that the demons have led astray is completely uncountable! Now let’s break down this mass wave of spiritual deception into four key points that we can draw from our verses above.

  1. The Devil and his demonic angels were locked up to prevent them from deceiving humanity any further so that the world could enjoy a time of peace. Their imprisonment was required for peace to come to the Earth. (Revelation 20: 3)
  2. They are only released for a short time afterwards. (Revelation 20: 7)
  3. Satan and his angels are released and immediately resume their old tricks. They infiltrate all four corners of the Earth, raising havoc. (Revelation 20: 8)
  4. In a small window of time, they have led an uncountable number of humans away from God. (Revelation 20: 7-9)


As stated in point number 1, a period of Earthly peace necessitated the complete removal of the demonic. To me, this further cement the fact that the reach of the demonic is everywhere and in everything. They are the hidden aggressors in the affairs of men, the monsters behind the curtains in all of humanities wickedness, and they wreak havoc in the hearts of men, women, and children of all ages and races, all over the face of the Earth.

Next, we are directly told that the demonic is only released back into the world of men for a short time. This is important to note because of the astronomical effects the spiritual forces of darkness are able to achieve in this little window of deception that they have been granted.

In point three I reiterate the reach of the demonic that the Bible demonstrates for us. Demons and the Devil himself are not omnipresent beings. They are spiritual beings which grants them great mobility, but they have a single mind and a single form, just like you and I do. They cannot deceive multiple people at the exact same time because they cannot be in multiple places at the same time. Thus, we must deduce that the mass wave of deception that takes place in all four corners of the Earth is done by a great many demons. They themselves, must be even more numerous than grains of sand on the seashore.

In the late 2010’s the overall head count of humanity is rapidly approaching the seven billion mark. Who knows how many humans will be present in the end times? Keep in mind, this mass spiritual deception takes place a millennium after the Battle of Armageddon. This gives mankind ten centuries to repopulate after suffering heavy causalities on that bloody day. Oh, and by the way, there’s likely no death during the one-thousand-year reign*.  So that means even more people.

And finally, in point four we receive a rough estimate of the number of those led astray. There were so many deceived and demonized people that their numbers were as “uncountable as grains of sand on a seashore”. Quite the reach, right? And what about the influence? It’s one thing to trick someone into doing something small for you, but deceiving someone into picking up a sword and going to war for you? That’s a whole new level of evil genius! How about doing it to a few billion people in a short period of time? And this is after the tribulation! Humanity has already seen blatant proof of the existence of God! And this deception also comes in a time of complete and total peace! I believe these verses clearly illustrate the capabilities of our spiritual foes.  They are everywhere, they work very quickly, and their destructive influence is astounding.

Demons are masters of their trade. Their sole purpose in their immortal lives is to oppress, suppress, and destroy. They know they’ve been defeated and they know their judgment is coming. All they can do now is seek petty revenge upon God by leading as many of His precious children down a pathway of destruction that ends at the gates of Hell.

In Revelation, we are given a clear point to point example of how the dark rulers of this world work and the reach and impact that they have. But this example is hardly their first time leading mankind astray in droves. In fact, all the tactics that are outlined in the verses above are being carried out on mankind right this second! The demonic obviously isn’t sitting around on their hands waiting to be locked up in Hell for a millennium, only to then go out and deceive mankind. Remember earlier when we discussed the Battle of Armageddon and how the human forces were under the direct control of the demonic? Let’s take a quick look at the verses that tell us this.

Revelation 16:14- “They are demonic spirits who work miracles and go out to all the rulers of the world to gather them for battle against the Lord on that great judgment day of God the Almighty.” (NLT)

Revelation 16:16- “And the demonic spirits gathered all the rulers and their armies to a place with the Hebrew name Armageddon” (NLT)

What these verses tell us is that humanity was already largely under demonic control a thousand years before Satan’s final attack. Since no one (including the Devil) knows when the Lord will return, the demonically oppressed state of humanity that is described in Revelation chapter sixteen could be right now!

The Devil must always be ready and prepared to oppose the second coming of Christ. The demonic is involved in all things and has stake in all things. They are as present as and common as air.

Back to that “vote of no confidence” in the Devil; you may be interested to know that the spiritual forces of darkness know full well ahead of time the outcome of the battle they are sending their human subjects into. Victory of course is desired, but it was never the plan. They never thought this feasible. Destruction is the plan.

The demonic knows that they can never defeat God. They tried once and quickly discovered that He’s far too powerful. But you see, demons and the Devil know God very well since they used to live in harmony with Him. Thus, they know how much He cares for his children.

Satan and his angels are not stupid enough to think that a mere human army can somehow muster enough might to conquer God and His City, rather they fully expected fire to rain down and devour their numberless human force. They were counting on that.

The goal of the mass deception described at the end of Revelation is the total destruction of the deceived souls, thus robbing God of being united with some of His children for all of eternity. The destruction of humanity is the only way that the demonic can cause any sort of hurt to God.

As stated earlier, it’s important to realize that this mass deception is not a freak one-time occurrence, rather it’s an everyday thing. Right now, there are billions of souls alive in a mortal form on Earth, fully deceived and under the thumb of the Devil. He could muster the army described in Revelation tonight if he wanted too. And their numbers would be as countless as grains of sand on the seashore, exactly as Revelation describes!

In The Fallacious Maelstrom, I used this same argument in an attempt to toss a wrench into the belief that mental illness does not have spiritual elements to it. I think the demonic activity described during the Battle of Armageddon clearly shows that there exists an uncountable number of people with devils on their shoulders, always present and always whispering in their ears. Their constant verbal assaults can make you happy, sad, afraid, jealous, lustful, prideful, and anything else they please. The consistent consumption of this poisonous alphabet soup of false emotions can lead to depression, anxiety, you name it. According to the Bible, it can lead you to war. If demons can get you to put your life on the line for an ill-fated cause, unbalancing your emotions should be a piece of cake for them. Mental illness is everywhere you go, and it’s my belief, based on scripture, that demons are everywhere you go and involved in the lives of everyone around you, Christian, or not.

In the second part of this series, we will address the false belief that Christians cannot be influenced, harmed, or controlled by demons by looking at some scripture which I believe tells us the quite the opposite. Stay tuned.

*Age of Grace- A common name given to the era between the ascension of Christ and modern-day. A.K.A- 0033AD-2020AD.

*1,000 Year Earthly Reign of Christ- In the book of Revelation chapter 20, we are told that upon His return, Jesus will reign on Earth in the New Jerusalem with His Followers.

*No death during the 1,000-year reign- In Revelation chapter 20 verses 4-7 we are told of the “first resurrection”. It is these who will reign with Christ for 1,000 years. Since we are told they will reign for 1,000 years, it’s highly unlikely that humans will die with Jesus present on the Earth.



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