The October Disturbances

The disturbances of October began on a weekday morning. My girlfriend had already left for work and she had let our dog into my room to sleep on my bed, with me, since I did not have to be up for a few more hours. I awoke sharply to the sound of a pounding. Three... Continue Reading →

Monsters Walk Among Us- I’m Back!

Sorry to leave you hanging like that! I certainly haven't forgotten about this blog, nor have I lost interest in writing these articles. I have so much more material planned! My blog had been put on the back burner for the past month and a half because I've been busy writing the full length book... Continue Reading →

Saving Jane Part 4- Freedom

The stage had been set in the battle for Jane's soul. Those hideous evil monsters that had previously roamed about freely and unchallenged in Jane's body and mind were about to be served a spiritual eviction notice. I informed Jane that my brother and sister in law would like to meet her and pray with... Continue Reading →

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