Great Things Await!

Hey! Just wanted to let anyone who ventures onto this site to know that it is currently undergoing a massive restructuring and should be back up and running 100% by this time next week. I'm super excited to be adding a dedicated store as well as updated and all new blog posts. Stay tuned!

It’s here!

  I’m pleased to announce that Monsters Walk Among Us II- The Fallacious Maelstrom has been released. This all new self-help book is available on in paperback and eBook-check it out! In the next few weeks it will be also available at Barnes and Noble in hard case, paperback, and Nook as well. The... Continue Reading →

God Smacked- RELOADED My Story pt 5

There was simply no denying what I had seen. This was purely supernatural. There is no science in the world (although I’m sure they would try) that could explain how someone can be choked by thin air, lose their vision on a dime, fluently speak languages they do not know, make strange internal rumbling sounds,... Continue Reading →

The Pocket Edition

I'm very excited to announce that the “pocket edition” of Monsters Walk Among Us finally released today. I've been working on this unabridged version of the original book causally, for the last month. The objective of this printed release was to provide the book in a less expensive format. The version is much smaller than... Continue Reading →

How to Stop an EXPLODING Mind

To the 3am Club- You know who you are- So you can't sleep. What is it tonight? Is there someone on your mind? Are you sad? Angry? Lonely? Unhappy? Think back for a second. When was the last time you were happy? Like actually happy. Not this pretending nonsense where you go back and forth... Continue Reading →

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