My Demon Encounter at Church

If you’ve read any of my writing before then you probably know of my general dislike for churches. Growing up, my family church-hopped for years before settling down in a stuffy little Baptist church where I lost brain cells listening to the pastor yell and scream about the love of the Lord Jesus Christ (I... Continue Reading →

It’s here!

  I’m pleased to announce that Monsters Walk Among Us II- The Fallacious Maelstrom has been released. This all new self-help book is available on in paperback and eBook-check it out! In the next few weeks it will be also available at Barnes and Noble in hard case, paperback, and Nook as well. The... Continue Reading →

God Smacked- RELOADED My Story pt 5

There was simply no denying what I had seen. This was purely supernatural. There is no science in the world (although I’m sure they would try) that could explain how someone can be choked by thin air, lose their vision on a dime, fluently speak languages they do not know, make strange internal rumbling sounds,... Continue Reading →

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