Saving Jane Part 4- Freedom

The stage had been set in the battle for Jane's soul. Those hideous evil monsters that had previously roamed about freely and unchallenged in Jane's body and mind were about to be served a spiritual eviction notice. I informed Jane that my brother and sister in law would like to meet her and pray with... Continue Reading →

Saving Jane Part 3- NightTerror

*I'm just going to toss out a friendly little warning at the beginning of this blog-The story that your about to read is really frightening. I found myself very disturbed and on edge while putting words to this nightmare (it probably doesn't help that its 1 in the morning). Although this is a really scary... Continue Reading →

Saving Jane Part 2- A Haunting in Indiana

What do you think of when you hear the phrase “haunted house”? Perhaps your mind wanders to late October when the leaves change colors and the nights become chilly. Shops and lawns all around your hometown become littered with plastic ghosts, carved pumpkins, and all sorts of spooky decorations. Every town seems to have a... Continue Reading →

My Story Part 5- GodSmacked

There was simply no denying what I had seen. This was purely supernatural. There is no science in the world (although I'm sure they would try) that could explain how someone can be choked by thin air, loose their vision on a dime, fluently speak languages they do not know, make strange rumbling sounds, have... Continue Reading →

My Story Part 4-The Voice

Often when Jane was alone at night during her childhood, she would hear a dry voice call to her from the dark corners of her room. Sometimes it was only a whisper. Sometimes it was a low growl like a dog about to attack. And sometimes it would say her name. That disembodied voice in... Continue Reading →

My Story Part 3-The Midnight Horror

By late October, I had all but dismissed the incident. Neither Jane nor I ever mentioned it. We acted like it never happened. That's how we wanted it. I had recently accepted a new management position with a new company and was devoting the majority of my time to learning my new job and getting... Continue Reading →

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